Rolf Structural Integration

About Rolf Structural Integration

Jim Arkison is a practitioner of Rolfing, which is a form of deep massage with the goal of re-aligning the body vertically to bring it better in tune with gravity.

Web design for Rolf Structural Integration

Web Design Work Completed

Jim had built out a site on a website building tool. Unfortunately, that tool was going out of business, and about to take his website and domain with it. I worked to build him a new site that he could have hosted through any provider, so he would no longer have to worry about the website tool holding his site hostage. I also worked with staff at the defunct tool to reclaim his domain and ensure that he was able to keep his existing branding.

Recently, I redesigned the Rolf Structural Integration website so that it is now 100% responsive and works flawlessly on a variety of devices from desktop computers to smart phones.

Client Testimonial

“Red Star Web Development did my website just a few months ago and I have had a number of people sign up for work since then. The website was their first knowledge of my business, and they found it when they did an internet search. Working with David has been an excellent investment that I would heartily recommend.”

– Jim Arkison, Rolf Structural Integration