About the MACDL

The Michigan Association of Commercial Dental Laboratories is a professional organization for independently owned dental laboratories dedicated to helping its members grown their businesses, improve their skills, and give back to the community.

Website design for the MACDL

Web Design Work Completed

The MACDL had an existing website built on a content management system that was no longer maintained, making it difficult and costly to maintain. The look and feel of the site was dated, and the content was difficult to browse due to organization issues.

I redesigned their site to have a greater focus on their organization’s goals: promoting upcoming events and encouraging more dental laboratories to join. The design is minimalistic and optimized for search engines and mobile devices. I also developed updated branding, including a new logo and color scheme.

The MACDL website is responsive and mobile friendly

Client Testimonial

“In working with Dave to develop a new website for our organization, the process has been very smooth and easy. This is probably due to his clear communication skills and his experience in the field. Upon review of the new site by our board, we approved his design the first round. In the past for different websites, I have made many adjustments with previous designers to accomplish my desires. Dave is knowledgeable in his field and capable with quick replies to any questions. It has been a pleasure working with him.”

– Gordon Russell, MACDL Vice-President