Book Review: JavaScript & JQuery

Book Review: Javascript & JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

JavaScript & JQuery is a beautifully presented book by Jon Ducket (HTML & CSS), and offers readers solid fundamentals on JavaScript, JQuery, and other related technologies.

Book Review: HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites

HTML & CSS: Design And Build Websites

If you’re looking for a book to introduce the fundamentals of web design, HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites is an excellent choice. It’s well designed and structured logically to make learning as accessible as possible.

Book Review: Entreleadership


In Entreleadership, Dave Ramsey takes his common sense approach to personal finance and applies it to business and leadership. This is a must read for people looking for intentional success.

Book Review: The Book of CSS3

Book Review: The Book of CSS3

One of the things that I really liked about The Modern Web was the way Peter Gasston was able to take his obvious passion and depth of knowledge for the subject matter and explain it so clearly. That stays true in The Book of CSS3, in which Gasston carefully explains tons of the new features…

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