Quick Tip: Adding Comments to .htaccess Files

Add Comments to Your .htaccess Files

If you’re working on an Apache server, you’ve most likely seen .htaccess files, especially if you’ve used a content management tool like WordPress. These files are incredibly powerful, but can get difficult to navigate as they get bigger. The solution? Separate out different functions with code comments. But before we get to that, let’s take… Read more »

Protect Your Domains!

Protect Your Domain

Your domain is an essential part of your branding, and losing it could cripple your visibility online. Luckily, there are several easy things that you can do to ensure your domain stays safe.

Book Review: HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites

HTML & CSS: Design And Build Websites

If you’re looking for a book to introduce the fundamentals of web design, HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites is an excellent choice. It’s well designed and structured logically to make learning as accessible as possible.