Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Getting traffic to your website can be difficult; you don’t want to lose a potential customer because they’re frustrated by your website. Want to avoid that? Read on!

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Being Mobile Friendly Matters:

A mobile friendly website directly affects your users’ experience with your site, and, by extension, your brand. Surveys have shown that upwards of 57% of users will not recommend a company if their website is not mobile friendly, and that number is expected to grow.

Studies suggest that mobile users are closer to making a purchase than desktop users. While desktop users tend to research and compare products and services, mobile users are looking to make a purchase in the near future. This is why having a mobile ready website with easy to find driving directions and hours of operation is so important.

In addition to consumers, a mobile-friendly website can also benefit you with Google and other search engines, who give preference to mobile friendly websites.

Google Cares About Mobile

Starting on April 21st, 2015, Google is updating its search algorithm to give preference to sites that are mobile friendly. This is expected to have a substantial impact on your search engine performance. You can check to see if your site will be considered mobile friendly using this tool.

Mobile Usage Statistics:

Not convinced that mobile users are becoming increasingly important? Check out these surprising statistics:

  • In late 2014, mobile usage surpassed traditional desktop usage; that means there are more users on mobile devices than on computers
  • 90% of mobile searches result in action, 88% take action within one day
  • 24% of users recommend a brand or product based on a mobile search
  • 95% of users have searched for a local business on their smartphone
  • 77% of users called or visited a business based on a mobile search
  • 79% of smartphone users use the mobile web to shop and search products and services

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