Global Content Marketing Book Review

Global Content Marketing ReviewWe living in an increasingly connected world where information moves instantly, and everyone has an audience of potentially billions of people. While this is certainly exciting, it can also be very intimidating. How, exactly, are you supposed to write something that can appeal to such broad and diverse audiences across the globe? That’s exactly the question that Global Content Marketing sets out to answer.

Who is Global Content Marketing For?

Perhaps the most important question in this review is who the target audience for this book is. I focus a fair bit on this blog about how businesses should promote themselves online through writing great, useful content. I stand by that, but I also think it’s extremely important to understand who you are targeting. Naturally, many business won’t benefit from targeting an international audience A dry cleaner in Chicago, Illinois wouldn’t benefit from writing content targeted to readers in Santiago, Chile.

With that in mind, there are many, many businesses who currently or potentially work internationally, and they could learn a lot from Global Content Marketing.

What Does Global Content Marketing Cover?

This title is heavy on planning and strategy, and much of the book focuses on “The Four P’s of the Global Content Marketing Cycle”: Planning, Producing, Promoting, and Perfecting. Naturally, this is quite an involved process, so these core tenets are supported with plans and checklist, as well as an in-depth segment on organizing a global team.

Because global marketing in inherently more challenging than local marketing, there is an early chapter outlining some of the unique challenges of marketing to a global audience, and strategies to overcome them.

What Works?

  • The chapters breakdown strategies based on the type of company. There are tips for small business owners, enterprise marketers, and marketing agencies.
  • There is a fantastic discussion over who should own and control a company’s content when there are a number of competing departments and viewpoints, which is an interesting but often overlooked challenge.
  • The book makes several references to another title I’ve reviewed here: Epic Content Marketing. This is another excellent title that really compliments Global Content Marketing well.

What Doesn’t?

  • Global Content Marketing goes into a lot of depth defining different job roles. While this is informative, it makes for pretty dry reading.

The Verdict

Global Content Marketing is a quick read that’s jam packed with great information. While it’s not going to be useful for every business that’s interested in content marketing, those who work internationally should certainly check it out.

Pick up a copy of Global Content Marketing today!

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