An Inside Look at the Design Process

I recently stumbled across this amazing video from, which features Aaron Draplin talking about his design process. In it, he develops a logo for a fictional company, showing us every stage in the process from his initial sketching and ideation, to taking the logo into Illustrator and going through a number of different iterations.

I’ve always loved watching designers work and talking about what processes work for them. I think it’s absolutely fascinating to get an inside look at what goes on inside a creative mind.

After I watched Aaron’s video, I had to see more from this guy. This is my new hero. He’s got a unique voice and an incredible amount of insight, and he’s from my home state of Michigan. So I searched him out and found out that he did a talk at TedX. This one is more entertaining than informative, but it’s still not to be missed.

Check it out here:

Finally, here’s another great talk he did for CreativeMornings (an excellent resource in its own right) called 50 Point Plan to Ruin Yer Career:

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