Epic Content Marketing Book Review

Epic Content Marketing by Joe PulizziIn the last few years, there has been a major paradigm shift in how consumers interact with business. No longer are people content to be marketed to; they demand to be entertained and educated, and they want to build a relationship of trust with the companies they support. So how do businesses succeed in this new marketing environment? Joe’s Pulizzi’s book, Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break Through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less, has the answer to that question: tell stories and be useful.

For many traditional businesses, that might not sound like marketing, and that’s one of the major reasons why it’s so effective. Rather than focusing on broadcasting your message to potential customers, Epic Content Marketing tells us to learn about our market, find their pain points, and find ways to address them through a number of marketing channels. Not only does this position the business as an authority in the field, it builds long-term and very profitable relationships.

Who is Epic Content Marketing For?

Any business who is interesting in experimenting with their marketing efforts could benefit from Epic Content Marketing. The important thing to note here is that, for the business to really gain anything from this book, they have to be open to new ideas.

Pulizzi doesn’t suggest abandoning traditional marketing; indeed, content marketing should compliment these efforts, not replace them. It also stresses the important of research, testing, and analytics in your strategy.

What Does Epic Content Marketing Cover?

The book is divided into five parts the define content marketing, help you identify your niche, manage your content, market it, and then analyzing your effects and planning for the future.

Epic Content Marketing is a very well structured book, with each chapter building on concepts introduced earlier. Not only does this help the reader to stay invested in what they’re learning, it also reinforces lessons throughout the course of the book.

What Works?

  • Epic Content Marketing is peppered with case studies and examples of the various ways companies have done content marketing right, and how it has added to their bottom line.
  • Content comes in many different forms, and this book spends a lot of time talking about how you can take advantage of that in different ways. Not only will different content types appeal to different audience segments, but you can also re-purpose existing content into new channels to work more efficiently.
  • Launching new marketing can be a difficult and expensive undertaking, and this book spills a lot of ink over making this happen by doing a pilot to get buy-in from executives.
  • Each chapter ends with “Epic Thoughts” and “Epic Resources”, which sum up the chapter’s take-aways, and give the reader additional resources to dive into.

What Doesn’t?

  • Micro-small business might struggle a bit with this book, as much of it is written with larger organizations in mind. While they might not have the resources of bigger businesses, there’s still a lot to learn from Epic Content Marketing.
  • I had a bit of trouble getting into this title; the first part of the book focuses on defining content marketing, its various incarnations, and benefits, and it goes on a bit too long. However, once I made it to the book’s second part, “Defining Your Content Niche and Strategy” everything came together.

The Verdict

Like it or not, content marketing is a major force in business today, and it’s likely only to become more important as the world becomes more and more interconnected. Epic Content Marketing is the essential guide to this new paradigm, and marketers would do well to check it out.

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