Book Review: Entreleadership

Three years ago our family’s finances were a mess, we didn’t have a budget, balancing the checkbook was always stressful, and we didn’t have a plan on how we could succeed financially and move our family forward.  That is when we discovered Dave Ramsey.  His book The Total Money Makeover changed our family and how we handle money.

Although I do not own a business, I am such a fan of Dave Ramsey that when I heard he had a book about business and leadership I was immediately interested.  Reading Entreleadership, I can see myself as an employee and wishing management would take the advice in this book and apply it.


Who is Entreleadership For?

While this book is geared toward the small business owner, it can also be valuable for those in leadership roles within an organization.  Entreleadership really makes you understand the importance of a company’s culture and how that culture is crafted intentionally.  A company’s success and culture are not an accident and this book highlights the steps one to carve that out.

What does Entreleadership Cover?

Entreleadership does not cover the nuts and bolts of opening a business; it’s not technical.  This book mainly focuses on people skills, practical steps, and religious faith.  About that last item: Dave Ramsey is a religious guy and it comes across pretty heavy in his material, if you’re going to read his book you must be aware of this.  I don’t follow his religious teachings and generally glaze over it in his writings, but if that is something that bothers you, be warned.

What Works?

  • The real stars of this book were the parts addressing the hiring, training, and expectations of employees.  It was incredibly thorough, thoughtful and strategic, which puts to shame any hiring or training process I have ever been a part of.
  • As I mentioned above, my introduction to Dave Ramsey was his personal finance advice and I was happy to see how that transferred over to his business advice.   Dave Ramsey is known for his common-sense approach to money and he applies that to business finances as well.
  • Another thing that struck a cord with me was that this book made a point of highlighting fair compensation and the danger business face when trying to be too cheap and under-compensating.  It also showed a variety of innovative compensation packages and salary alternatives to attract and retain talent even when a business can’t afford more financial compensation.

What Doesn’t?

  • I found Entreleadership hard to start; it seemed to spend too much time selling me on Dave Ramsey.  I didn’t need to be sold on Dave Ramsey, I picked up the book because I am a huge Dave Ramsey fan. This con, of course, won’t apply to those who aren’t familiar with the man and his advice.
  • I am practicing attorney, and when I see books summarizing legal terms and concepts, it makes me a little crazy.  This book took that step and dedicated a chapter to contracts, a course I spent a year with in law school.

The Verdict

Overall, those looking for a technical accounting book on opening a business will not be satisfied with this book.  Those in management or those looking to grow their business would benefit from the detailed and practical information on how to hire the right people, how to train people properly, and how to cultivate a company’s culture where people are happy and driven to succeed.

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One Response to “Book Review: Entreleadership

  1. David

    I’m reading through this now – about half done – and really enjoying it. I like the granular level of detail he gets into.

    My one criticism so far is how he addresses multi-level marketing. He says there is good and bad, which I think is kind of dangerous. I’ve known quite a few people who were lured into network marketing scams and consider them extremely dangerous. I wish he would have put a finer point on this.


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