Quick Tip: Make Phone Numbers Clickable Links

The mobile web has exploded in recent years, and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down anytime soon. People are already buying far more mobile devices than computers, and market predictions suggest that this trend is going to get even more lopsided in the future. People love to be able to grab their phone and quickly look something up on the internet. It’s convenient, helpful, or – more often than I’d like to admit – a great way to kill a few minutes time.

Make it easy to call you by making your phone numbers clickable links

In between Tweeting, checking in on Facebook, and just playing around on the internet, some people actually use their mobile devices to make phone calls. I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

So where am I going with this? Well, I guess if you read the title of this post, you already have that figured out, but humor me here.

Make it Easy for Customers to Call You By Linking Your Phone Number

If you list your phone number on your website, it’s very easy to make that phone number a clickable link for users browsing your site on their mobile device (or, for that matter, who use their computers to make calls). Simple us the following code, substituting your phone number:

<a href=”tel:555-555-5555″>555.555.5555</a>

Now, when a user is browsing your site, all they need to do is click the phone number and their phone will input it and be ready to call. All they need to do is hit “Send”.

Why Should I Bother?

Some of you might be thinking, “That’s great, but my phone automatically links phone numbers for me, so why bother?” Excellent question. Many phones do indeed automatically detect and link phone numbers for people as a convenience feature, hover, not all phones will do this.

Furthermore, it only works when the number is clearly a phone number. Using this little snippet, you can make any text a clickable phone link. For instance:

<a href=”tel:555-555-5555″>Call our customer support team today!</a>

Or let’s say you purchased a phone number that spells a word? That works too:

<a href=”tel:800-733-7827″>Call 1.800.RED.STAR!</a> (That’s not my number, just an example).

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  1. Joel

    Can you make a phone number clickable in a regular facebook post (not a fan page or business page).




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