Book Review: The Web Designer’s 101 Most Important Decisions

Scott Parker’s The Web Designer’s 101 Most Important Decisions looks are the process of designing, building, promoting, and maintaining a website by looking at 101 different decision points along the way. While some of the decisions are a little more straight forward, and others are more like discussion points, it makes for an interesting way of presenting familiar material.

Web Design Book Review - 101 Web Design Decisions

The 101 decisions are divided into eleven different chapters, starting with “Before You Begin” and ending with “Promote Your Website”. There’s a lot of good information in between. Like any book with 101 of anything, some of the topics are a lot more interesting and informative than others. Some, like typography and creating color schemes, could be a chapter on their own. On the other hand, a few of the topics seems like filler. I understand that promoting your site through YouTube can be very valuable, but it seems a little out of place in this book.

The information in the book is well organized, and one topic flows seamlessly into another. Every decision is only a page or two long, making it very easy to pick up, read a little, and put back down. It’s also perfect for just flipping through at random.

Each decision is supported with beautiful color photography and a lot of relevant, high quality examples. There are also tons of links to help you continue researching a particular topic on your own, which is always appreciated.

If I had an criticism about the book, it would be that the type is quite small. It looks like they tried to fit it all into a scant 176 pages (including the appendices) when it should have probably been about twice the length.

Another interesting note: the writer of the book is British, and a good deal or his discussion on accessibility is more relevant to British audiences.

The Web Designer’s 101 Most Important Decisions is a good coffee table book on web design. While it’s short on text, it’s loaded with fantastic examples and additional resources to get you on your research path.

What Works:

  • The book flows seamlessly from one topic to the next
  • It’s easy to pick up and jump right into a topic that interests you
  • Filled with great examples and helpful resources

What Doesn’t:

  • Small text makes this tougher to read than it should be
  • Some of the topics feel like filler to get us to the eponymous “101”


The Web Designer’s 101 Most Important Decisions is a great introduction to a lot of important topics in web design and website ownership. While some of the topics seem like they were added to get to the magical 101, the bulk of the book is useful.

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2 Responses to “Book Review: The Web Designer’s 101 Most Important Decisions

  1. Every IT Solution

    My brother was thinking to become a web designer. By reading this blog, I saw some important decisions like promoting, building and maintaining etc.

    • David

      It’s a good starter for someone who’s thinking about getting into the industry. It gives you a nice overview of all the moving pieces.

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