Free Alternative Friday: Freedcamp

Free Alternative Friday explores various free (or very cheap) tools, apps, and utilities you can use instead of the expensive, mainstream alternative. Think Google Docs instead of Microsoft Office, and you’ll be on the right track.  This week we’re looking at Freedcamp, a free, cloud-based project management program to help you manage and collaborate on all aspects of your latest project.

There are loads of online project management program out there, Basecamp being the biggest. These are really fantastic programs, with loads of really useful features. But for smaller operations, the pricetag ($50 – $150 per month for Basecamp) is just too high to make it realistic for many freelancers and small businesses. Luckily, Freedcamp boasts many of the same features, and a tough to beat month cost of zero dollars.

Freedcamp - A free project management tool

Freecamp Features

Freecamp is a full feature project management solution, and includes everything you’d expect out of the box. It also gets regular updates, which do everything from fix bugs to add new features and streamline the user interface.

Task management in Freecamp
  • Track multiple projects
  • Track time and create invoices
  • Collaborate with different users, and easily manage what they’re able to see and edit
  • 256-Bit Encryption to keep your information secure
  • Create to-dos and milestones, assign those to individuals or groups of individuals, and even set priorities to ensure the important items get handled first
  • Communicate via a discussion board and comments of various assigned tasks
  • Customizable, widgetized dashboard
  • Get notifications via email or text message whenever anything is added or changed on your project; you can even reply right from the email
  • Share files
  • Save time by creating and reusing project templates
Communication is the key to success in any project

The Freedcamp Marketplace

At this point you’re almost certainly wondering, what’s the catch? How do the people behind Freedcamp make any money off it? By selling add-ons and additional functionality in their Marketplace.

Currently the Marketplace is pretty small, with only a handful of applications available. However, it is growing slowly but surely, and what they have right now all seems very useful. Best of all, not all of the items in the marketplace have a cost; there are several free applications there – like a calendar and a password manager – that look quite useful.

Probably the biggest item in the Marketplace is storage. With a free account, you get a scant 20MB of storage. If you are using the tool to share files, you’re going to eat this up in a hurry. There are several upgrade options available, from $2.49 a month for 1 GB of storage to $39.99 a month for an unlimited account.

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