WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” Released

WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” (named in honor of Sonny Stritt, jazz saxophonist) is now available for download, and features several upgrades and new features. Let’s run through a few of the major features, shall we?

New Media Uploader

Wordpress 3.3's media loader is a huge improvement

Probably the most obvious update to most users it the redesigned media uploader. Say goodbye to the four different upload options in WordPress. From now on there’s only one. Not only does it recognize the file type and use it appropriately, it also supports drag and drop uploading as well.

Flyout Menus

Wordpress 3.3's new flyout menus should help improve workflow

Another nice workflow improvement is the addition of flyout menus to the WordPress Dashboard. Prior to this, users would have to click twice to access any sub-menus.

Updated Admin Bar

The Admin Bar has been redone for WordPress 3.3

I didn’t think I’d like the WordPress Admin Bar when it first launched with WordPress 3.1, but I’ve really come around on it. It seems like with each new release, the bar gets better and better, and 3.3 is no exception. In addition to rearranging the menus for easier use, there is now a WordPress logo with a number of useful links.

As before, plugins can add functionality to the admin bar, such as a SEO menu with the WordPress SEO plugin (a fantastic add-on, by the way).

Permanent Widgets

Ever change themes only to have all your widgets removed? With WordPress 3.3, you can kiss that annoyance goodbye. Now you can switch themes with reckless abandon and never have to worry about your widgets disappearing.

Other WordPress 3.3 Improvements

  • A welcome screen that displays after installing and updating WordPress
  • Feature pointers to highlight important features to new users
  • Language Packs as Plugins
  • Improved permalinks
  • Responsive design improvements for tablets in the dashboard
  • The Admin doctype is now HTML5
  • JQuery updates
  • Misc. performance improvements and bug fixes
  • A lots more. A full list is available in the Codex.

As always, make sure your WordPress site is up-to-date with the latest release.

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