Facebook Fan Page Setup Tutorial

Facebook is one of the biggest things on the web. Heck, as far as some people are concerned, Facebook is then internet. That said, it’s important for most businesses and organizations to have a presence there, and you do that by setting up a Facebook Fan Page. This tutorial will guide you through the steps of setting up a Facebook Fan page, but let’s take a step back first.

What is a Facebook Fan Page?

A Facebook Fan Page is simply a page on Facebook where users can connect with your business or organization. You can share information with them, and your customers can interact with you personally. Unlike your business website, the Fan Page is a much more interactive and personal experience for your customers; it’s a casual environment that encourages interaction.

And the best part is that it’s easy and free. So let’s get started!

Creating the Facebook Fan Page

The first step to creating a Fan Page is to visit Create a Page. Facebook has the pages divided into general categories, so click on the one that applies to your business or organization.

Choose your Facebook Fan Page type

Once you’ve selected the appropriate category, you’ll be ask to provide Facebook with some general information, which varies depending on which category you chose. Fill this out as completely an accurately as possible, read and agree to the terms of use, and click “Get Started”.

Fill in the basic information about your business or organization

And that’s it, you’ve just created your Facebook Fan Page. You’ll get a welcome email from Facebook shortly with some tips one what to do next.

Welcome to Facebook Fan Pages

Next Steps

Of course setting up your Fan Page is just the beginning. Now you’ll need to start building it out. Fortunately, Facebook makes this pretty easy. In fact, new Fan Pages come with a “Getting Started” page, that helpfully walks you through the first essential task of managing your new page.

Follow these steps and you’ll be off to a good start, but don’t neglect your fan page. Remember, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

Facebook Fan Page Quick Tips

  • Post frequently – Make sure you give your fans a reason to check back
  • Add all your relevant business information, like your physical address, contact information, and a link to your website
  • Don’t forget to upload your logo – Branding is essential
  • Setup Facebook to automatically send your updates to Twitter to save time – You do have a Twitter account for your business, right?
  • Respond to comments and questions quickly – Encourage your fans to interact by maintaining a friendly and open environment
  • Link back to your fan page wherever you can – You never know where that next fan will come front, give them an easy way to find you
  • Have a blog? Be sure to add a Facebook “Like” button to your posts
  • Be a fan of other related businesses and organizations – But don’t spam them
  • Consider creating a custom landing page. Check out a few amazing examples.

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