I’m Attending WordCamp Detroit

This weekend I’m going to be attending my very first web design conference: WordCamp Detroit 2011 at the GM Renaissance Center in Downtown Detroit. I’m pretty excited about it (this will only be the third or forth time I’ve even been in Detroit’s most recognizable high rise), and I’ll do a full write-up here of everything I learned sometime next week.

Detroit, MI

WordCamps are small conferences for WordPress users, be they bloggers, designers, developers, security experts, etc. There are several scheduled seminars throughout the day (or days, in most cases), focusing on things like WordPress basics, writing compelling content, theme and plugin development, advertising your blog/website, community building, social media, security, and everything in between.

There are also a lot of open sessions, show and tells, question and answer panels, and chances to ask the experts all the burning questions you might be struggling with as a WordPress user, designer, or developer. Plus, lots and lots of networking.

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