Shameless Self Promotion: Zombie Walk Detroit

Zombie Walk Detroit is an annual event in which people dress up and zombies and walk around to raise money for a charity, usually Gleaners Community Food Bank. I started checking out the walks a couple years ago because it sounded fun, and have attended for the past three years (this year’s walk is scheduled for October, 9th, in Royal Oak, Michigan). The walks are a ton of fun, and they seem to get bigger every year. There’s a bit of a party atmosphere every time, but it’s family friendly. If you’re around Detroit and have nothing to do on October 9th, I’d highly recommend checking them out.

I donated to Zombie Walk Detroit every year, but wanted to help out more because I thought this was just a wonderful mix of doing good for the community and having fun (also: zombies). I ended up offer to redesign their website, which they graciously accepted. You can check it out here.

Zombie Walk Detroit's new website

For the site I tried to invoke both Detroit and zombies, while still being fun and accessible to people of all ages. I’m pretty happy with the results. I hope you check it out, and consider donating to the cause.

Gleaners Food Bank helps a lot of Metro Detroiters every year, and does so without a giant administrative cost. A donation of just $25.00 will be turned in an amazing 75 meals.

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